I Get Knocked Down….

This week has been pretty crappy.  I got a touch of food poisoning on Monday, my allergies have been off the wall, but the worst was still to come.  It came in the form of a phone call from my mom.  My dad blacked out in the kitchen, hit his head on the cast iron radiator.  He was out cold for about a minute, but what was truly scary was the pool of blood on the kitchen floor.  My mom heard the crash, ran into the kitchen and found him.  Paramedics arrived within minutes, and what was described by my mom as the longest minutes of her life.

That phone call knocked me sideways.

You hear the horror stories of people who hit their heads, and boom – 2 days later, they’re dead.  My mind was racing and I was terrified.  I left work and rushed to my mom’s house, where she was packing up a bag to take to him.  The hubbs met me there – I could not have gotten through it without him.

He has 14 staples on the back of his head, is in quite a bit of pain, and is being subjected to a barrage of tests to figure out what made him black out.  He doesn’t remember anything.  No lightheadedness, no dizziness, no black spots.  One minute, putting chicken on a plate, the next minute he is coming to.  He is awake, getting better, and in the best possible place.  He snapped something in his back last night, and is in incredible pain.  He lives everyday with the pain of osteoarthritis, buldging disks, neck spasms, knee issues, you name it.  He is a tough old bird, my hero, my everything.



He’s the kind of guy that wears a Sesame Street Tie.  He’s just awesome.

His name is Joe, and if you pray, would you send one up for him?  He is the kindest, gentlest, most generous, giving, humble man on the planet.  And for my mom, whose strength just humbles me, but just doesn’t seem herself without my dad around.  After 45 years of marriage, they seem to be linked on a biological level and neither seems quite “right” without the other around.

I am cherishing my health today, grateful for it.  Grateful for having such amazing parents and a loving husband.  I am truly blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving!



I am sooooorrrreee today.  That workout yesterday kicked my butt.  I will be going for a nice, easy walk today – maybe 3-4 miles.  Work the kinks out.

I am not going to worry about the meal today.  I will eat what I want, but no seconds of stuffing!  =)

For all my American friends, Happy Thanksgiving!  I love the message in the image above – that gratitude turns what we have into enough.  I think that also goes for ourselves as well.  We are enough.  Gratitude makes life richer, sweeter.  I have so much to be thankful for, and I admit that I sometimes take these things for granted…..

– My health – while I may not weigh what I want to weigh, I am a healthy person.  My heart, my blood pressure, my cholesterol – all the things that keep me alive are functioning the way they should.  I am so thankful for that.  I am strong.
– My family – I still have both parents alive and well.  I have a loving, amazing family.
– My husband – the most giving, patient, humble man ever.  He is a hard worker, gentle, kind, loving.  He is a true friend and partner.
– My job – to be surrounded by positivity is such a gift.
– My home – my sanctuary, my safe place.
– The money in the bank, the food in the fridge, the clothes in my closet, the hot water in my shower.

What are you thankful for?

Total Body Torture…I mean, Transformation

The day before Thanksgiving.  I am grateful for my family and friends, my amazing hubbs, the abundance of love in my life.  I am also grateful that I found a fresh turkey breast since we forgot to thaw ours….. We are having a quiet dinner, just the 2 of us.  It has been a tough week, and we want to keep it quiet and simple.  Whatever you choose to do tomorrow, I hope it brings you joy!

According to my plan, I was supposed to do my Pure Burn, but I decided to change it up.  I did the hardest workout of my life today – Bob Harper’s Total Body Transformation.  He even says at the beginning of the video that this is the hardest workout he has put out.  And he is serious.  For about an hour after I was finished, my legs were still shaking.  I almost had muscle failure in my legs as I tried to walk up my stairs immediately following the workout.  Holy cats.

Here’s the breakdown.  Hold onto your hats.


Single arm swing (I used 1o pound weight) with squat
Arm swing with side jump
Snatch series
Shoulder press
Snatch series
Shoulder press
Double arm swings
Cable flies – standing, then seated
Seated bicep curls
Lunge with lateral raise – there are killer holds and pulses here.
Seated upper body press
Run in place, then sprint
Cable flies – standing, then seated
Seated bicep curls
Lunge with front raise
Seated upper body press
Run in place, then sprint
High to low plyos
Around the world pushups – you are supposed to start at 12, then using your core, rotate to 3:00, do a pushup, rotate to 6:00, pushup, etc – I didn’t have the room to circle my body around, so I did standard pushups
Rear flies
Side burpees
Side plank leg raises
Around the world pushups – this time, it was rotate to 3:00, do 3 pushups, rotate to 6, do 6 pushups, then 9.  Kill me now.
Rear flies
Weighted jumping jacks
Weighed sumo squats
Plyo sumo squats
Pike plank
Dive Bombers
Pike plank with shoulder press
Jumping jacks
Prisoner lunges
Russian squat kicks
Dive bomber pushups with leg raise (right leg)
Prisoner lunges
Russian squat kicks
Chair pose
Sumo squats
Dive bombers with leg raise (left leg)
Around the world plank
Bridge series – It was great to lie down at this point, but his bridge series is crazy, and after all that butt work, it was tough!

Seriously, is Bob crazy?  I think he might be!

This is an high intermediate to advanced workout.  The goal of the workout, according to Bob, is to bust through plateaus and shake your system up.  Right up my alley.  But it is tough.  Capital T.  There was one part I was literally crying, and I was grunting and groaning, which I almost never do in my workouts.

This workout really focuses on your butt, your shoulders, your back and legs.  There is a possibility I may not be able to lift my arms tomorrow…. But if I am going to turn the corner, I have to push myself.  I have to do things I thought I could not do. I did all the plyo jumps, my knees are feeling it now, but I did them.  I have to try.  I can’t say that I cannot do something.  I have to at least try, and if I fail, I fail.  But if I am going to push my fitness, I need to do this.  I do not want to accept the plateau, or the couple pound gain.  I want to come out fighting.

Workout-Motivation-1Hell yeah.

I need suggestions on protein powder.  I have been using plant based protein, but want to try whey.  Any suggestions?  Help a girl out!

Hope everyone had a beautiful day!


Weekend Wrap Up and Weekly Goals!

I am going to start a new challenge for December that starts on the 1st.  Before that starts, I wanted to set my goals for this week.

Saturday 11/23 – Bob Harper’s Cardio Conditioning
Sunday 11/24 – 10 miles stationary bike and weight circuit
Monday 11/25 – REST DAY
Tuesday 11/26 – 3 mile run
Wednesday 11/27 – Bob Harper’s Pure Burn Super Strength
Thursday 11/28 – Bob Harper’s Total Body Transformation
Friday 11/29 – REST DAY
Saturday 11/30 – Biggest Loser BootcampBob Harper’s Pure Burn Super Strength

I haven’t decided what my December challenge will be….. any ideas?  I’m feeling revved up again, look out world!


I also need to bring the Christmas decorations up.   Saturday the 30th is my decorating day!  WooHoo!  I just love decorating for Christmas.

We headed off to see the hubbs’ mom today, bringing her chocolate, french bread and brie – what more could a French woman want?  =)  We took her out to a nice lunch, and she was in good spirits, despite being in a lot of pain with sciatica.



I am still sore from yesterday’s workout, so I waited until this evening to do my bike/weights.


Nothing beats a little Scandal while spinning!! Anyone else totally addicted?  I am!!  Got a nice stretch, let the body work the kinks out and now just relaxing!  I’m watching my cat sleep on the family room rug and I’m just melting from the cuteness…..



Hope your weekend was fabulous!!

Working it Out

MotivationMan, am I glad this week is over.  It was a very busy, very draining week.  I spent probably only a few hours at home (minus sleeping time).  Work was crazy, my commutes were hellish, a wake that just gutted me.  From Monday-Friday, I didn’t work out once.  I had absolutely no time.  But, I actually hit my activity goal on my Active Link every day, that is how much I ran around like a crazy woman.  So, I guess I did exercise, just not formally!  =)

I am so glad to be moving on from this week.  I actually slept in until 9:00 am.  I slept non stop for about 10 hours.  That is how tired I was when I went to sleep last night.  My husband just let me sleep, knowing how I was feeling.  Bless him.

Had a good, productive day.  Lots of laundry, cleaned the bedroom, got all my Halloween and fall decorations down (Yes, I know Halloween was almost a month ago.  I love Halloween…..) and getting ready to Christmas-ify the house.

I did my Bob Harper Cardio Conditioning again.  I just love that workout.  It is TOUGH.  I was sweating buckets and torched 675 calories.  Bam.

I can not and will not give up.  Those few pounds be damned.  I felt strong today.  That workout is exactly what I needed.  A leg shaking, heavy breathing, ass kicking workout.  Thank you Bob.

Now, I’m just relaxing, sitting with Molly, and listening to the sounds of the hubbs making dinner.  Grilled wild caught salmon, couscous and asparagus.  Yum!

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!


Food and Grief

Last night, the hubbs and I attended a wake for the brother in law of my best friend.  I just adore her, her husband and her kids.  To see them so filled with grief was heartbreaking.  If you pray, would you send one their way?  Thanks.

My husband has never attended a wake, ever.  He is first generation American, and his extended family (very small) is in Europe.  Growing up Irish Catholic, I attended many, many wakes.  He didn’t know what to expect, so I gave him the rundown.  Lots of hugs, tears, laughter, and it will probably make you sad.

Growing up, I remember all those wakes were followed by food and alcohol.  Lots of food and alcohol.  The kids and the women ate, the men bellied up to the bar.  I know that sounds like the worst of cliché, but that is how I remember it.  I ate a lot of lasagna, cookies, coffee cake.  It is what we did.

I don’t know what to do, so I’ll cook/bake.  That seems to be a common thread through my memories of wakes and funerals growing up.

And on the way home from the wake last night?  We got a pizza.  A pizza!  (and my stomach is paying the price for it this morning!)

What is it about food and grief?  I left the wake last night so sad for my friend, her devastated husband and kids.  Particularly her youngest, who just broke my heart.  What is it about grief that food seems to ease?  Is is comfort?  Is it distraction?  Is it a way to feel alive?  As an emotional overeater, I know I eat to try and get me to feel something, anything else but the sadness I’m feeling.  And it works, temporarily.

There is a comfort in nourishing your body with food, no matter if the food is healthy or not.  There is peace in the motion of chewing, swallowing, digesting.  You are alive.  Perhaps we do it to remind ourselves we are alive.

Last night, I gave superman hugs, supported and comforted, distracted a very sad boy with Zombieville, USA on my iPhone, and I ate pizza.  We move forward.

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Ok folks.  I am about to blow your minds.  I got this recipe on Totally Raw Christina and I thought I’d try it today.  One word – Amazing.  Even my husband loved it.  I made him try it without telling him what it was and he said “What is that?  I really like that!”

3 ingredient ice cream.

What you need:

6-7 bananas frozen overnight and cut into chunks
Cinnamon to taste.  I used 1 TBSP and it came out very cinnamon-y.  Next time, I’ll start with a TSP and go to taste.
2 Vanilla Beans opened and scraped

First, blend banana until thick and creamy.  I had to add a very small amount of almond milk to get my blender to blend the bananas.  My Kitchen-aid just wasn’t up to the task.

Add cinnamon.


And Vanilla Bean.


Blend baby blend!



It seriously is so delicious.  And because it is just banana, you can freeze it and it doesn’t get rock hard.  It maintains that great smoothness!  Hope you enjoy!

IMG_3963Now, go workout!  Have a beautiful day!

Cardio Conditioning Recap

I did Bob Haper’s Cardio Conditioning the other day.  Holy cats.  I still feel muscles I didn’t know I had!  Here’s a rundown of the workout:

Punches combo
Deadlift w/heavy weight
Deadlift Rows, then single arm deadlift rows
Double arm swings, then single
Suitcase swings
Weighted squats
Squat Combo
Handwalks to pushups
Mountain Climbers/Pushups/Mountain climbers/Pushups – killer
Jumping Jacks
Wide Squats
Fast Feet to 180 degree jump combo
Squat Hold
Double Arm Swings
Rack to overhead press (single arm)
Overhead press
Double arm swings
Suitcase swings
Double arm swings
Scorpion pushups (in pushup position, raise one leg, cross it over the other and do a pushup.  Um, yeah.)
Knee raise squats
Speed squats
Weighted jump rope
Overhead press
Weighted jacks
Double, then single arm swings


Pushups – as many as you can do in 1 minute
Speed skates
Mosh pit jumps
Tuck jumps
Sumo squats
Standing ab rotations
Standing oblique crunch w/ heavy weight
Weighted core twists
Iso front raise
Side plank raise

It definitely is intermediate to advanced, and I was pouring sweat during this workout.  I read some reviews that he is not motivating enough, and I agree that he is not all “You can do it!  You look amazing! I believe in you!”  The Inside Out Method workouts are no nonsense.  I actually like that.  I like that he is tough.  I like that he puts it out there that fitness is tough.  It is WORK.  You will have to understand this and work your ass off.  Nothing comes free.  I think I need that, particularly at the moment.  Of course, there are days I need a cheerleader as well!

I wore my HRM to track my heart rate, and I averaged 150.  Highest was 165, low was about 120.  Good stuff.

The one thing that bothered me was Zach, one of the assistants.  He looked like he was ready to die!  Throughout the whole workout, I was worried for him!  His form was shite on some of the moves and I was kinda pissed that Bob didn’t call him out on it.  Now that I’ve done a few Bob videos, I’m sensing a theme.  The men all struggle!  All of them!!  In every video.  Annoying.  Either he makes them use very heavy weight (maybe too heavy) or he uses them to showcase how tough his workouts are.  I don’t know, but, come on, get a new schtick.

There are a lot of weighted arm swings, so if you have back problems or shoulder issues, take caution.  Perhaps do the second round as stationary weighted squats or no weights at all.  I don’t have either issues, but I definitely felt it in those areas the next day.

Lots of shoulder, core, leg (quad, hamstrings), butt, chest work.  I thought it was awesome.  Burned 657 calories!  I was able to do 95% of the workout without modifications, so I was very proud of that.  Pushups are still on my knees, and I couldn’t do the tuck jumps, but I jumped!  =)


New Workouts, Fitness Goals and Nighttime eating

Oh My!

I was so psyched to reach my mailbox to see my 2 new Bob Haper workouts had arrived!  Hurray!

IMG_3942The workout descriptions scare the absolute bejeezus out of me, so it is probably exactly what I need!  I feel like I need to shake things up and shake them up I will!  Now…. just to decide which one first….  I did Ultimate Cardio Body today and my legs are so sore from all the squats and the lunges.  Good lord, the lunges.  So. Many. Lunges.  I’m thinking the Total Body Transformation for tomorrow.  Wish me luck!!

I know it is mid week, but any time I post my weekly workout goals, I am successful, so mid week be damned, here are my fitness goals for the next 7 days.

Wednesday 11/13 – Bob Harper Ultimate Cardio Body
Thursday 11/14 – Bob Harper Total Body Transformation
Friday 11/15 – Rest Day
Saturday 11/16 – 15 mile stationary bike and strength circuit
Sunday 11/17 – Bob Harper Cardio Conditioning
Monday 11/18 – Rest Day/easy 2 mile walk after work
Tuesday 11/19 – Biggest Loser Bootcamp

One thing I have struggled with lately is nighttime eating and snacking.  I have written before that when I stop eating 3-4 hours before bed, I see results.  It works for me.  I know this logically.  Why am I finding it so hard to turn away from a snack before bed?  Why am I sabotaging myself?  I do think the small gain I experienced is messing with my head a little, I am beating myself up a bit and punishing myself for allowing that to happen.  I need to get myself to a WW meeting stat.  I haven’t gone in quite a while and I think that will help.  I will go on Sunday.  No excuses.

How do you deal with things like this?  Do you punish yourself with food?  Do you sabotage your progress?  How do you cope?




About a week ago, I had the distinct honor of meeting the world’s oldest yoga teacher – Tao Porchon-Lynch .  She actually came to my store to teach a class.  She is 95 years old.  You read that right, 95 years old.

She still practices yoga and is a competitive ballroom dancer.  At 95 years old.  Speechless.



To meet her is a life altering experience.  She is like light.  She brightens a room like no one I have ever met.  She is so full of life and love and wisdom.  I was so moved by her connection to everything around her.  I am inspired to be as full of life and love and to continue to push myself to wellness.  I only observed the class at the time, but I am most definitely participating when she returns.  I am in awe of her.

I have had an amazing week fitness wise!  Today, I let Bob Harper kick my ass with Pure Burn Super Strength.  Holy cats, that workout is tough.  Burned up mad calories, ate well.IMG_3904


I actually ordered another 2 of his workouts today – Cardio Conditioning and Total Body Transformation.  Can’t wait to try them!  I feel like I need a bit of a shake up, and they were cheap!  Less than $7 each! I loves me a bargain!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day!!!  Keep pushing!